what are the characteristics of good chili peppers for seeds?



Chili plants are very worthy of being planted in the yard; besides being able to produce fruit to help with a little kitchen spice need, the abundant red color on each branch also adds to the view. Chili seeds are easy to obtain; in agricultural shops, they are very easy to find because this plant is quite popular.

But if you are trying to get your own chili seeds from direct plants, here are some tips on how to choose plants and fruits that are suitable for chili seeds.

First, we must select chili plants that are suitable for producing chili seeds. Here are the criteria:

  1. The growth of the trunk, branches, twigs, and leaves is lush.
  2. The plant is not attacked by pests and diseases.
  3. The minimum age is 6 months because fruit production is at its maximum.
  4. The plant should be bushy and bear fruit all the time.

Secondly, after we get the right chili plants to use as seeds, we then select the fruits on the plants. Here are the criteria:

After getting the fruit in question, there are 2 ways to make chili seeds,

  1. Selected fresh fruits are split longitudinally, then separated from the rind and washed. Next, the seeds are air-dried for about three days. Drying should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. Drying directly from the chilli fruit. This drying can be done under direct sunlight. When dry, the fruit is split and the seeds are removed from the fruit.

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