Step by step create simple vegetable biopesticides



If previously I gave one type of plant to make vegetable biopesticides, now I try to share how to make a vegetable pesticide formula. I got this information from a book entitled Practical Guide to Making Organic Pesticides. Meidiantie Soenandar, et al. If you want to know more details about vegetable or organic pesticides, please buy the book. After reading the book, I also practiced it, and thank God it worked.

Let’s jump into how to make a plant-based pesticide formula to control caterpillars and aphids in ornamental, horticultural and food crops.

1 kg of neem seed powder
1 kg of lemongrass
1 kg of galangal
10 liters of water

knife, blender, sieve, bucket, and 10–14- 14 liter sprayer.

How to make:
1. Cut galangal and lemongrass into small pieces, then puree using a blender. If you don’t have a blender, just mash until smooth.
2. Put the neem seed powder, as well as the lemongrass and galangal, finely into a bucket containing 10 liters of water. mix well.
3. Cook the solution over a fire, but do not boil it. cool and strain.
4. The filtered solution can be used to control caterpillar pests or aphids on plants. Meanwhile, the dregs of the filter can be used as fertilizer.

How to apply: Dilute 500 ml of the solution with 10–14 liters of water (the size of one spray tank). Spray the vegetable pesticide on 250 m2 of crop land.

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