How to Install addins Rapfish – Multidimensional Scaling (part 1)

How to Install addins rapfish: Last year, I got acquainted with multidimensional scale (MDS) tools. knowledge that I think deserves to be written down so as not to be forgotten and can be used one day, especially the tutorial steps so that the software can run properly. At the time of the training, I and several friends experienced problems with the software, which could not run properly, and even the material provider was confused. As a result, until I got home because I was curious, I still tinkered with this software so that it worked with the help of a search engine. Because the material in the search engine is still scattered, once I type the keywords, there are still very few that discuss this material, so I try to extract the results of the training so that it can be useful for others.

Definition of multidimensional scaling

Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) is a statistical method that can be used to analyze the influence of several variables on other variables at the same time. That’s the official line, if I do say so myself. MDS is, as the description implies, multiple scaling. Just like we make quadrants that are generally only X and Y, in MDS we can use several variables to be able to position a particular subject so that we can categorize the subject as good, fair, or bad and can compare one subject with another.

For example, we want to know the potential for chili development (I immediately remember chili) in districts A, B, and C. Then the variables that support it are collected and can be grouped into 4 categories, such as infrastructure support, local government performance, resource potential, and agribusiness development. All the variables are categorized, and then together we map the three districts.

MDS Results

The expected MDS results are: we can find out which of the three districts is more suitable for chili development. The three districts can be categorized as good, sufficient, or insufficient for chili development.

Some important tools in MDS are leverage, Monte Carlo, and stress value, or coefficient of determination. The results of the leverage test will show which variables are considered to have a strong effect on improving the final status. For example, district A has a final result of sufficient. And the land area variable is included in the average variable. This means that the land variable becomes a leverage variable so that district A can improve its status.

Monte Carlo is used to determine the accuracy of the results. This can be explained because Monte Carlo is an analysis that aims to measure the sensitivity that has been combined into one in the software. Later, the difference between MDS and Monte Carlo will show the confidence interval of the software output results. If the difference between MDS and Monte Carlo is <1, then the sustainability index obtained is above 90 percent.

Stress and determination (R squared) are used to determine whether the MDS output is good enough to represent the mix of variables used. The difference is that the stress value is said to be good if the value is getting smaller or closer to 0, while the R squared is said to be good if the value is getting bigger or closer to 1.

Install addins Rapfish

Ok, I will not theorize much because the main intention is to guide or provide a tutorial for its use. Before we start installing the application, there is something that needs to be prepared. Specifically, activating macros in Excel

The steps are as follows:
Open Microsoft Excel. I am using Excel 2010.
Choose file-option

How to Install addins Rapfish

choose tab trust center – trust center setting

trust setting in excel

choose Macro setting, then check list enable all macros and trust access to the VBA project object model. click OK.

enable macro to install addins rapfish

After we enable macros, we are ready to install Rapfish or MDS. The first step is to download and install the application. can be downloaded here:


Extract in a special folder. We rename the folder for example exercise.

extract Rapfish folder

Inside the folder are the files shown below. Keep the files in one folder. Moving some files may cause the software to not run properly.

rapfish MDS

Open the Rap1_6 file. It will open with a blank view. Through the file, select file, open, and select the RedSea file in the folder where you saved it earlier.

open rap 1_6
open excel file

Select file – options. Then in the Add-Ins tab we click Go

setting addins excel

Click browse

Then select the Rap1_6 file in the folder where it was saved earlier.

open multidimensional scaling

he Rapfish add-in will appear with a checklist. Click OK

rapfish available

Then, in the Excel view of the Add-Ins tab, Rapfish appears and is ready to use.

rapfish addins ready to use
rapfish windows

OK, I think Part 1 is enough until here. Part 2 will continue with how to input data and the process.

Continued: Multidimensional Scaling Part 2


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