How to create a Rapfish Multidimensional Scaling kite chart

How to create a Rapfish kite chart. The Rapfish multidimensional scaling kite diagram is not included in the commonly used module. In fact, the role of the scaling diagram in explaining the level of the sustainability index is very important.

For example, Figure 1 shows that North Sumatra has a high sustainability index in almost all dimensions when compared to other provinces.

diagram layang multidimensional scaling create a Rapfish kite chart
Figure 1. Multidimensional scaling kite diagram.

In addition to seeing more clearly the sustainability index of each fishery, we can also see the dimensions that need to be improved. In the figure above, it can be seen that the management dimension has the lowest sustainability index compared to other dimensions, so there is a need for improvement in this dimension.

Multidimensional scaling kite diagram

As the name implies, a multidimensional scaling kite diagram is a kite-shaped diagram that combines sustainability indices into a radar. In this diagram, the cross-sectional area produced by a fishery, connecting all dimensions, shows the overall sustainability index. Fisheries that have the largest area are those that have a high sustainability index, such as the example above in North Sumatra.

If we have a large number of fisheries, exceeding 10, for example, it will certainly be troublesome if the images are piled up in the diagram. One easy trick is to calculate the cross-sectional area, or region. If the dimensions are 3, then the area that will be formed is triangular, so we use the triangular area formula as I have used it in the Indonesian agricultural human resources index proceedings article. All the area values are then ranked or sorted from the largest area to the smallest area.

How to create a Rapfish kite chart

We can utilize the chart feature in Excel to create a scaling diagram. Previously, we organized the sustainability value data and its dimensions as follows:

Then we select all the data, then we select the insert tab, and we select more line charts on the chart icon.

cara membuat diagram layang MDS rapfish

Select the chart called radar and click OK.

membuat diagram layang rapfish

Next, we can set the chart display, such as fonts, axis settings, chart layout, and chart legend, like we usually do for charts in Excel.

For more technical details, you can watch the short video below:


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