Did you know about biopesticides from lemongrass?



Biopesticides from lemongrass. As the name implies, plant-based pesticides mean that the active ingredients of these pesticides come naturally from plants. This makes these pesticides environmentally friendly and does not interfere with human health in the long or short term as is the weakness of synthetic pesticides.

This time I will discuss a little about one of the plants that can be used as a vegetable pesticide. namely lemongrass, or Andropogon nardus.

Who doesn’t know lemongrass leaves? This plant is very familiar in the kitchen as one of the ingredients used to flavor dishes. In addition, the easy-to-breed nature of the plant is one of its advantages. Lemongrass can survive in dry and hot soil. No special care is needed to grow this lemongrass plant.

Lemongrass plants, apart from being useful as a spice, also have potential as a vegetable pesticide. The leaves and stems are mashed and mixed with water. There is no special dosage for lemongrass; the more concentrated it is, the better. This lemongrass pesticide can be used or applied directly to control caterpillars and aphids.

In addition, the smell of lemongrass plants is not liked by rats. So lemongrass plants are also suitable for planting in the corners of rice fields to control rat pests.

Besides being useful for the kitchen, lemongrass can also be sold if it turns out to be a lot.

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