Benefit of Vertiminaponics: Fish And Vegetables at The Same Time”



Continuing the post from a few months ago about how to make vertiminaponics, here I will explain some of the advantages of vertiminaponics. Some of the benefits that can be achieved from vertiminaponik are:

Getting fish and vegetables at the same time. In this case, we have a yard that can be self-sufficient in vegetables and protein on a household scale. If you want to brew instant noodles with a mixture of kale or mustard leaves, you only need to walk outside and pick the vegetables you want. Of course, this vegetable is fresh because it is directly picked, and it is certainly clean because we know the condition of our own yard. The same goes for the side dishes. Catfish, pomfret, and tilapia An interesting choice to cook with fresh conditions

Save space. There is no need to rent acres of land to grow kale. Moreover, Jakarta’s condition is getting narrower and narrower; of course, innovations like this are very, very necessary. In one tube, you can produce food products that are no less nutritious than others.

Guaranteed Organic. The living vegetables consume fish feces that swim underneath. Of course, this condition guarantees that the vegetable products grown are clearly organic. If pesticides or fertilizers are added, it will certainly affect the lives of the fish being raised. So, a mini-ecosystem balance is required in this system.

There is no need to water the plants every day. The pumped water will continuously irrigate the ornamental plants or vertiminaponic vegetable plants. So this system is perfect for those of you who have very little time to spend taking care of plants. Especially with the crowded conditions of Jakarta and other big cities, humans are increasingly in a hurry to face the constraints of traffic jams on the streets. Just make sure that the water pump is on so that the water circulation can continue.

Attractive design. For those of you who have a hobby of designing rooms or gardens, of course this vertiminapinik can be transformed into a more attractive design. Not only water tanks and kale plants like the photo I showed. This vertiminaponik could decorate restaurants with a better design and spoil the eyes of consumers.

In addition to its advantages, vertiminaponics also has its disadvantages. The disadvantage lies in the high cost of manufacturing. The cost of making just one simple set can be approximately Rp. 3 million. Then the planting medium must be replaced periodically, depending on the plants used, at least three times per planting because the vermicompost will be eroded by running water. This results in replacement or maintenance costs.

Benefit of Vertiminaponics


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