Today, there are many ways to store files and information. One of them is to create a blog. Blogs not only make our information safe and accessible anywhere, but the information we share may be needed by other people. We can help people we may have never met. In addition, I am not an organised person with a tidy desk according to the 4S or 4R rules. I love new things, so sometimes old notes can be lost due to space constraints. This is the main reason I created this blog.

My name is Agung Budi Santoso, and I was born in Trimulyo on August 5th. I don’t really like statistics that much. But my job requires me to master it. So that the knowledge I gain can be recorded on my personal blog, I hope I can be consistent and keep updating this blog. I purposely brought up yard tutorials and statistics so that I could focus more on the theme of the blog and not be tempted to bring up other themes that are often exciting in this country.

I started blogging in 2014. At that time, I created different blogs using free blogs. Because I have several blogs, I finally thought about buying a domain in 2017 and combining several blogs for me to work on. Regarding scientific papers that I have written, they can be seen in my profile:

Profile 1 : Google scholar
Profile 2: Research Gate
Profile 3: ORCID

Thank You.